Hi, I'm Abraham.

I am a designer whose practice explores the underlying connections between seemingly disparate domains. My curiosity, teachers, and mentors have allowed me to collect various skills and experience spanning design, art, academia, science, and advertising. I utilize my unique perspective to collaborate with like-minded people who want to push the boundaries of design by focusing on meaningful experiences.

I design brands and systems.

Since 2014, I have operated an independent and interdisciplinary design studio, Workhorse, in Washington, DC. By fostering brands and relationships, we have helped founders, independent experts, and institutions develop meaningful brands and experiences backed by solid design foundations and practical systems.

I can help you connect the dots.

I love working with experts to solve complex problems and discover the underlying connections across disciplines. I specialize in helping people define design problems more effectively in order to create more comprehensive and effective brands and design systems.

Are you an institution trying to incorporate new technology and processes into your systems? Are you an innovator looking for someone to build a meaningful brand and design system for growth? Or, are you just looking for someone to help you think through some big ideas? Let's talk!

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